New sermon series – BYOB – beginning 12 June

After Pentecost, the church calendar enters ‘ordinary time’, which runs until Advent. This year, we’ll be doing something different in ordinary time. We won’t be sticking to our usual practice of preaching from the lectionary readings for each week. We’ll be starting a new sermon series, covering a range of topics. Here’s what Rev Darius has to say about it.

“Starting on the 12th June until Advent, St Paul Old Ford will be exploring a group of sermon series called Bring Your Own Bible (BYOB). The aim of this time, is for us – as a church – to explore the question: ‘How can we go deeper in our faith through our engagement with the scriptures?’ So not only will we be (quite literally) opening up the Bible together, but the preaching team will be making the concerted effort to try to teach the Bible in such a way that makes it more accessible for all of us from Monday to Saturday.

We’ll kick off on the 12th and throughout June with a whistle-stop post-Pentecost voyage through the books of Luke and Acts. In July we’re gonna meet 5 Old Testament characters and explore their relationship to Jesus the Messiah. In August, our sermon series will examine 4 parts of the liturgy we pray every Sunday, and have a Biblical conversation around them. Then in September and October we will dive into Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount.

I can’t wait!

So please come ready to learn and engage. Maybe bring a highlighter pen and a biro. But no matter what, please don’t forget to Bring Your Own Bible.”



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