New at St Paul’s: Memory Cafe

This autumn, we’ve started Memory Cafe, a new weekly gathering at St Paul’s church. It’s a safe and fun place for people who have memory loss or are isolated, as well as their carers or relatives.

It’s being run by Rev April, who explains what they do in each session:

“We start by introducing ourselves and go round remembering names. We move on to word searches, mindful colouring or quizzes. Then we have rounds of spoken word associations.

“We break for tea, coffee, cake and fruit and remember times of our lives. We often sing to songs which we play in the cafe and then have gentle exercises. We refresh our cups and have a time of reflection or meditation.

“In future, we hope to have crafts and guests along to speak. And we will always have cake!”

The Memory Cafe has been going for a couple of weeks now and has already proved to be a valuable and helpful time for the people who have attended. As April says:

“One couple really enjoyed their first session. Recently, one person took the words of our reflections to create a poem. Another person already marks it on her calendar.”

If you would like to attend, or know somebody who would like to come and benefit from Memory Cafe, it’s on every Wednesday between 2:30 and 4pm at the newly reopened St Paul’s cafe

You can contact Rev. April  if you want more information about Memory Cafe, or want to speak to somebody about it.

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