Praying for St Paul’s this autumn

Praying is one of the most important things we can do as Christians, and as a church.

There’s a lot going on at the moment: in the world, in our country, in our community, in our church and in our own individual lives. There’s a lot of uncertainty: the cost of living, the energy crisis, the economy, winter viruses and possibly a whole load of other things are on our minds. As a church, we’ve begun the conversation about what we can do about the cost of living crisis, and how we can help our community. We’re facing rising costs ourselves, and we still don’t have some important roles on our church council. So in short, there’s a lot to pray about.

We can feel powerless about what we can do as individuals, in the face of big local and national problems, but we can pray. And when we get together to pray, it’s even better, and more powerful.

So we’re starting a regular Saturday morning prayer meeting to create another space for us to pray together as a church community. We’re doing it on Zoom to give more people the opportunity to attend, and because Saturday mornings are often a busy time for many people. The gatherings will start next Saturday – 8 October – and run through until at least 26 November. They will start at 10:30am and finish no later than 11.

Join us as we seek God together.

You can join the Zoom meeting by using this link or scanning the QR code below.


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