Sixth day of Lent: prayer and reading


Father God, we pray that you will continue to encourage us to forgive others, as you first forgave us. We struggle to let go.

At this moment, we lift up to you all those who find themselves in this predicament, that you will minister unto them, because you alone can change matters around. Gracious God, not forgiving others can destroy lives and make us ill, yet we find it so hard to forgive.

At this hour, loving Father, we bring to you all those who carry this burden on their shoulders and weighing on them. We pray you will send them the right people to open up and share your word with them, and also encourage them that by forgiving others, our Father in heaven forgives us too. The only way forward.

Cast your burden unto Jesus for he cares for you.

Doris Ani-Agyei


Tim reads the sixth reading from Rooted in Love: Lent reflections on life in Christ.


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