St Paul Old Ford annual parochial church meeting: 23 April 2023

Our annual parochial church meeting (APCM) and annual general meeting (AGM) is this Sunday, 23 April. As usual, it will be part of the service at 10:30am.

We hold our APCM every year, like all Church of England churches have to do. At the meeting we will hear reports on parish activities and financial business and we elect new members to the parochial church council (PCC).

Each PCC member serves a 3 year term, and every year there are some people who have come to the end of their term. So, we will be filling some PCC places. We have received nominations for new PCC members and we will be electing them at Sunday’s meeting.

Unlike the PCC members, the church wardens are not elected at the APCM. That’s why we have a separate AGM at the same time as the APCM, where we elect our church wardens for the next year. This will happen at the start of the meeting, before we start the APCM.

The agenda for the meeting is below, and is also available as a downloadable pdf. The minutes of last year’s meeting are also below, in a downloadable pdf.

You can read our 2022 annual report on our website (link to come). Paper copies of the report will be available at the service on Sunday.

APCM agenda (pdf download)

2022 APCM minutes (pdf download)

APCM agenda

1. Opening of AGM and election of churchwardens
2. Opening of APCM
3. Minutes of last year’s APCM
4. Notice of any other business (AOB)
5. Vicar’s report
7. Churchwarden’s report
8. Finance report
9. Approval of auditors for 2023
11. The annual report
12. Questions
13. Closing prayer

You can watch today’s service with the AGM and APCM on YouTube below. There is no separate post for the service. Makes it easier to keep it all in one place.



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