The Quails in Central America: August update

Here’s the latest update from the Quails, our mission partners in Central America. You can watch their August update video below, or read a quick update and some prayer points below the video.

It doesn’t seem like 4 months since we last saw the Quails at St Paul’s. They’ve been in Costa Rica since April, learning Spanish before heading to Nicaragua early next year. Time is passing quickly and they’re now halfway through their language school. At the time this post goes up, they’ll be enjoying a 2 week break before classes begin again in September. All of the family – the adults and the kids – are all making good progress at learning the language.

They’ve also been getting to know their fellow language students, been getting out and about visiting beautiful and interesting places, and they’ve settled in a church. Their latest newsletter gives us some things to give thanks for and a few things to pray for.

Please give thanks for:

  • their first term in Costa Rica and their progress learning Spanish
  • the improving COVID situation and vaccination programme in Costa Rica
  • being able to extend their visit visa

Please pray for:

  • the ongoing COVID situation and protection for Costa Rica against the delta variant
  • a change to the country’s UK red list status, so they can see family this year
  • energy and enthusiasm and they start the next term of learning – both adults and kids
  • Helen’s health to improve and the right medical treatment
  • the extra funding they need to raise (they have 90-95% of their monthly expenses covered)

There’s more information in their August newsletter, which is available at their website. You can also sign up for email updates.

Since they recorded the video and sent the August newsletter, they’ve had a couple of unfortunate incidents. Firstly, their passports and Rob’s laptop were stolen. And then (completely unrelated) Chloe broke her leg in a playground. So please pray that they will get things sorted out after the thefts, and pray for healing for Chloe. She’s responded very well so far, but please also pray for her as she goes back to school soon.

We have a prayer support group for the Quails at St Paul’s which meets regularly to pray for them, and sometimes also speak to them online. If you want to join this group, get in touch with Rev April or Andrew Walters.

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