Time to Talk 2020 – Pledge Wall

On Thursday the 6th of February, we will be celebrating Time to Talk Day. Time to Talk Day encourages people to speak about mental health to help change lives.

Mental health affects one in four people, yet we often feel that we can not speak about it. This week in our café we will be providing activities to help make starting those conversations easier.

We have our Pledge Wall which we are encouraging all to think of one thing that they can do in their life to help improve their own mental health. It is the perfect way to get those young and old to begin to think about mental health.

There will also be question cards on each table in the cafe area to help people to begin having conversations surrounding mental health.

Time to Talk encourages everyone to be more open about mental health.

The pledge wall will be up in the cafe between the 4th – 10th of February.

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