St Paul Old Ford mission partners

Our mission partners are the Quails. Rob and Helen and their children Chloe and Josh have been part of our church since 2016, but they are leaving us soon to live and work in Nicaragua.

They’re going to be serving with a Christian charity called Engineering Ministries International (EMI). Through EMI, they will be working with Nicaraguan charities, helping them to develop their sites and building facilities and working on projects like schools, hospitals and churches.

The Quails have been an important part of St Paul Old Ford in the years that they’ve been with us. So we’re supporting them in their new life and work in central America. Our support for them comes in 3 main ways:

  1. Support as a church: our church council has decided to support the Quails financially for their ministry with EMI.
  2. Support from individual church members: many St Paul’s members have also decided to support the Quails.
  3. Prayer: we have an ongoing commitment to pray for Rob, Helen and the family, asking God to bless them and their ministry in Nicaragua.

You can read more about their call to central America and about EMI, as well as watch videos and get updated prayer requests at their website. You can also sign up to support them.

We will also be posting regular updates from the Quails on our website. Have a look in the News section to find them.