Goodbye (again) to the Quails

Last Sunday, we had the pleasure of the second visit from our mission partners the Quails on their trip back to the UK.

They first visited us back on 4 December, when Rob preached. They also hosted an evening at St Paul’s a few days later when they told us a lot more about their work in Nicaragua. And last Sunday, we recommissioned them from St Paul’s. So Rob, Helen, Chloe and Josh go back to central America with our refreshed blessings and prayers.

Rob has given us a few things to give thanks for and to pray for them, as they return. Please join us this week, and the coming weeks, to pray for them.

Give thanks

Give thanks for a lovely few weeks seeing friends and family. And for the privilege that it’s been to share widely what God is doing through the work of EMI in Latin America, including with 5 different churches across the midlands and the south.

Give thanks for having raised over 75% of our fundraising target already.


Pray for a smooth transition as we travel home to Nicaragua and settle back into life there. Particularly for the kids as they return to school.

Pray for the new projects in the office, including a Christian primary school for the children of families that have been rehomed from living in a local landfill site.

Pray for health, in particular Helen’s arthritis, which has flared up recently following the abrupt change in climate.

Find out more

You can read more about the Quails and some background to their work in Nicaragua on our mission partners page.

You can also see their latest newsletter and video update on their website.



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